- Questions frequently asked by employers about employee benefits with Benefity


How do I find out how much I save with Benefity?

Use our calculator to work out your savings. Enter the number of employees and the size of the reward per one employee and it will show you the exact amount that your company saves. Go to calculator.

How many employees can we add to Cafeteria Benefity?

There is no set minimum or maximum number of employees. We provide company benefits to companies with only a few employees and to corporations with thousands alike.

How long does it take to put Cafeteria Benefity in place?

Putting the system in place is linked to your specific requirements and how demanding it is to make the modifications associated with these. We can say, however, that 8 out of 10 clients have their benefit system in place within 14 days of signing the contract. We always agree on a detailed timetable with the client in advance. Want to try the system out? All you have to do is fill in the contact form.

How does it work with payments for the use of benefits?

The answer to this question reveals the advantage of our system – you pay after your employees draw on their benefits. You pay nothing in advance. Our system works on the principle of monthly billing – we total all transactions after the month has ended and you receive a bill based on this. You only pay for the benefits which your employees actually draw during the relevant period. Not a penny more.

Are you able to adjust the appearance and content of the benefit catalogue to suit our needs?

Yes, we are. And we are happy to do it – we want you and your employees to feel at home when working with our benefit system. We therefore add your logo to the catalogue, which we dress up in your company colours.

We will also adjust the content of the catalogue to suit you so as to correspond to internal guidelines and requirements. Last, but not least, we are also able to set special categories for the management of internal benefits or to manage your internal communication regarding the benefit system.

We only provide a standardised catalogue of employee benefits if you decide in favour of SMART Benefits. Find out more.

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