- Company benefits for you from Benefity – enjoy the benefits of your choosing

Why you will like benefits from Benefity

It is not simply your employer that benefits from working with Benefity – far from it! You in particular, the employees that draw on company benefits, are the ones who will discover an unexpected number of advantages.

An example: crediting points to our benefit system is always financially more beneficial than normal financial rewards. How is this possible? A number of benefits are tax advantaged, meaning that you do not pay health insurance, social security or income tax on them. Thanks to Benefity, then, you can save up to 26 % on tax in comparison with a standard salary.

What benefits can you draw and how do you do it?

The Benefity catalogue contains a wide range of tax-advantaged services in the realms of health, culture, sport, recreation and education. So you can choose what sort of benefit you want to use depending on your needs at the time.

Your benefit account is linked to a card which you receive from your employer and which opens the door to absolute freedom of choice. 

You can begin enjoying the benefits as soon as you get your benefit card. You have a secure personal profile available to you within the application in which you can manage your benefits however you need and where you have a clearly-arranged history of the benefits you have drawn available to you at all times.

Over 15.000 locations where you can use our card