- Benefits revive local business in a cafeteria with "Let’s Revive Czechia"

Benefits revive local business in a cafeteria with "Let’s Revive Czechia"

Great Help with a double chance to win


 The company BENEFITY a.s. joined the Oživíme Česko (Let’s Revive Czechia) initiative created to support the areas of Czech business on which emergency measures hit the most. It is the services or goods of these companies that make up 90% of the Benefit cafeteria’s offer, in which more than 85,000 users regularly choose how to enjoy their free time.

Cafeteria Benefits is used by almost 10,000 employees from the fields of sports, culture, recreation, education, and a healthy lifestyle. Preventing the decrease in this number is, without a doubt, the goal for all the parties. “We are already motivating users by the “With Ben to the Rescue” event to keep suppliers in these areas,” says Statutory Director Filip Charvát. He adds: “Every month, purchases will enter a raffle for nice prizes that will be bought from our suppliers. Joining the Oživíme Česko initiative, including the possibility of participating in the competition on social networks, can be another excellent motivation for users to help. Preferring Czech services and products should only be natural, and in the current crisis, this should be doubly true. “

In the Oživíme Česko competition, 86 nice prizes are up for grabs, and any of the users of the cafeteria can participate very easily. Just take a photo with a Czech product or even a piece of contract from a Czech company. Share your photo on the @ozivimecesko Facebook page or on your Instagram with the hashtag #ozivimecesko. Each week, one winner is selected from the photos, who will be contacted via his profile on social networks. Participation in this competition does not rule out competing in the “With Ben to the Rescue” event. More information at

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