- Company benefits with Benefity – how to get started as a supplier

Cooperating with us: how to get started

The three steps to successful cooperation

We have simplified the process of you becoming involved in the Benefity partner network so that there is no need for us to worry about dealing with unnecessary or bureaucratic steps.

  1. First of all, you contact us. It is up to you whether to get in touch by e-mail, by telephone or by using our contact form.
  2. We will be happy to meet you in person, whether you stop in at our office in Prague for a coffee or we come to see you, if it is not suitable for you to travel anywhere.
  3. We will agree on the scope of the services provided and sign a simple, straightforward contract and. After that, let the cooperation begin.

As soon as we have signed the contract, we will start working on your presentation in the Benefity application. Here we will create a profile for you, free of charge, which each and every employee will then see in the catalogue when choosing his or her own particular company benefits.

We will create the presentation for you in Czech and in English.

As a new supplier of company benefits, we will also provide you exposure on the application noticeboard. This means that you will be seen by everyone that logs into our Benefity offers in the days that follow.

And just to make the list of benefits which you receive complete, you company will also appear in our regular newsletter and we will send you stickers to inform customers to your brick-and-mortar stores that they can use benefit points when they buy something from you.

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