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HOTLINE Benefits

You are right – HOTLINE Benefits mean that we take care of call centre issues in addition to caring for employee benefits.

You can use our own call centre, which we have refined over several years to make sure it works as effectively as possible, over the long-term or simply to help bring a one-off project to a successful conclusion.

Which of our call centre services are available to you?

1Active telemarketing

  • Your target group addressed: quickly and precisely
  • A great cost-to-result ratio

2Passive telemarketing

  • Our call centre is open for business for many hours.
  • Ensure that the credibility of your company among customers is even stronger.
  • Immediate interaction if there are problems on the customer-side.
  • Fast feedback from the market.

3Back office / administration services

We take care of classic written correspondence and online communication on social sites or customer chat for you.

How our back office makes your life (and work) easier

  • Processing administrative activities
  • Processing electronic inquiries and requests
  • Handling complaints, warranty claims, billing in writing

Interested in HOTLINE Benefits? Then call us and let us take care of your call centre worries.


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