- Company benefits with Benefity – get to know our unique Cafeteria!

Cafeteria Benefity

The place from which all employees can draw their benefits in comfort.

  1. Our Cafeteria will save you time and shorten the administrative process associated with providing and administering company benefits.
  2. This system is also an effective tool in increasing the motivation of your employees.
  3. It regularly provides you with a continual overview of the resources that you invest in motivating your staff, and of the savings you make thanks to our benefits.
  4. The Cafeteria allows your employees to take advantage of benefits from more than 5,500 suppliers in the same, simple way as when they shop online, for example.
  5. Each and every employee has their own personal profile, where they can manage their benefits and where they have at their fingertips a clear history of what they have used at all times.
  6. The Cafeteria also comes with web interface and instructional video guides, which make it easier for you and your employees to work with the application from the very first time you sign in.

Cafeteria: the technical point of view

Cafeteria Benefity is standalone software that we are able to tie to your internal systems and processes without any difficulty. We are able to adjust the application to match the visual style at your company and supplement it with other practical and specific modules which are “made to measure”.

Enlarge your Cafeteria in exactly the want it

Choose from the following additional modules

Manager interface module

Allows managers and senior employees to allocate rewards to members of their team, thank them for work well done and motivate them in their onward efforts.

Praise module

Makes it possible to suggest praise or rewards and in doing so motivate employees anywhere within the company structure.

Congratulations module

Use this module to congratulate employees on work anniversaries or birthdays or on other occasions that play an important role in your company culture.

Body plus / Salary swap

A module designed to transfer financial bonuses to the Cafeteria system. Employees themselves can decide which part of their pay they wish to transfer to the Cafeteria (and in doing so save on tax) and which part they want left in their salary.

Interested in Cafeteria? Then offer your employees benefits that they will like.


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An individual design for your catalogue of benefits and card

We are able to dress your catalogue of benefits in your own company colours and add your logo. This means that you and your employees will always feel at home working with the benefit system.

We can also suit the graphic design of the card to your visual style.

What is more, we will put together the content of your catalogue to correspond to internal guidelines and any requirements you might have.


How to use the application

Absolutely everyone will manage to work with our intuitive online application. Whether you sign in from a computer or from your smart phone, ordering a benefit is just a few clicks away.


Use points in the online cafeteria with Bencard

All your employees will receive a Bencard from us as soon as you have signed a contract. The card is linked to an online account in the cafeteria, meaning that employees are able to start using benefit points to pay for services in the worlds of health, sport, recreation, education and culture as soon as they receive their cards.
Each card has a unique number that is used as the login name for the application. The PIN code that we send together with the card is the login password. Employees are able to access the Benefity application at the top right of the application. And just to keep everything in order, we recommend changing the login password when you visit the application for the first time.



What to do if you lose your Bencard or Benefity card, or if it is stolen

We recommend that you report the loss or theft of a card immediately by telephone by calling our customer hotline on 840 236 236 and that you have the card blocked until you receive a new card, as a preventative measure. You can order a duplicate card in the application, using the special form in your benefit catalogue or at your company’s HR department.

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