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Who we are

The history of Benefity

In 2003 we became the first Czech company to enter the market with the concept of a well thought out, approachable platform in which to draw employee benefits.

We began offering companies in the Czech Republic a unique programme of non-financial rewards and motivation for employees, which to our great satisfaction enjoyed considerable success. By the end of 2003 we had added a user-friendly online application for drawing employee benefits, which in its own way remains unique to this day.

Why handle benefits with Benefity?

  1. We know the Czech environment and the needs of employers and employees alike. This means that we are truly able to put together an offer of company benefits that is made to measure.
  2. Feedback from customers has confirmed that we are moving in the right direction. Our products bring employers and employees financial optimisation and are also used by companies as an effective management and motivational tool.
  3. One major benefit of using our services is the amount of time you save on administering benefits, which we take fully under our wing.

Our approach to our work

We are of the opinion that, above all, you should enjoy the work you do. We do not separate clients into big and small according to number of employees or area of business – we provide one hundred per cent care to multinational corporations with over 2,000 employees and to “a dentist and his nurse” in exactly the same way.

Perhaps it is this approach that means there are currently 60,000 employees that, thanks to us, enjoy company benefits from more than 5,500 benefit suppliers in our network of partners.

Interested in finding out more?

For more information, or to arrange a meeting, please contact our Commercial Department by calling +420 234 700 341 or fill in our contact form.

We take care of employee happiness